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Struggling to manage large group chats now that you can have up to 250 people participating all at once?

Messenger allows users to connect, chat, and keep up to date in more ways than just sending simple text messages and emojis to one another: there are options to have group chats, the ability to make 'phone' calls, chances to play video games through Messenger, and so, so much more.

Facebook Messenger - Free - Download Now Here's absolutely everything you need to know about Facebook Messenger!

Facebook announced today in a newsroom post that it's introducing some new, widely-requested features to Messenger to improve your group chatting experience.

Now when you start a group chat, you can have admin privileges — much like you could for original Groups pages before FB put the kibosh on them.If you're an admin, you have the power to approve new members before they join, remove members, and promote members to admin status (or, if you feel the need, demote them).That being said, if you don't want to mess around with admin stuff, you don't have to.In case of an error, the server returns an HTML 500 response that includes the reference Id of the request.If you're someone who uses the Facebook mobile app constantly on your i Phone, then the natural peanut butter to that jelly would be downloading Messenger!(dance)" Joakim/Sweden "I love this around the world service." Pan/USA "This would foster connection, especially for those who are scattered in developing countries and places with not much nvc community" Chamath/Sri Lanka "A wonderful idea indeed, great strategy using modern-day tech and expanding the resources at hand!

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