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(And reading the wrong article, for that matter.)Order a big meal. Staying all day is even a reasonable option, (I’ve done it more than once myself), but bear in mind, The 5 Point is open 24/7 — you can always come back later.Plug some money into the jukebox (but remember — no Billy Joel before noon). From The 5 Point it’s an easy walk to Seattle Center, where you can take a ride to the top of the Space Needle.A day in Seattle absolutely must start with breakfast at The 5 Point Café .

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We’ve been so many times, we’ve already seen all the sites, including attending both Seahawks and Mariners games, so now we just go to relax and unwind.

And for us, that means exploring on foot, stopping frequently at local watering holes for liquid refreshment.

Try a Boozy Slushie, if you dare — absolutely deadly — but avoid the tropical cocktails — sickly sweet.

Lava lamps and a Tiki vibe make this dive worth popping into for at least one.

I live about 75 miles from Seattle, as the crow flies, or about a three-hour walk. I can leave my house, walk about 10 minutes up the street, get on a ferry, and walk off in downtown Seattle less than three hours later.

(Though truth be told, everything is uphill from the waterfront in Seattle, so I tend to opt for a cab.)My significant other and I make the trip two or three times a year, usually for a three-day weekend.

There is nothing "artisan" about these establishments, and that's why they're the perfect escape any day, any time.

In addition to cheap beer, shots and grandpa-approved atmosphere, Chicago's best dives span generations and neighborhoods across the city.

It also provides maps to help you find your way from one place to the next.

If you’re a little too tumbly to walk, you can even use the app to call a cab.

You can often spot them by their nondescript Old Style signs hanging outside, warm Old Style for dirt-cheap on tap or in cans, your feet sticking to floors or decades-old carpeting, cardboard cutouts of swimsuit beer model ads from the 80s, and, if you're lucky, surly bartenders that may just swear at you in Polish. So cozy up with your true soulmate on any day: cheap PBR.

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