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Nate says "dormi strictum amicus" before knocking out a guard.

Or, as Nate loosely translates it, "Sleep tight, buddy." In the final scene of the episode, Amaya is seen using The Anansi Totem to summon several animal spirits at once, using them to attack a group of British soldiers.

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This is a new power for Vixen, who has previously only been depicted summoning one spirit at a time to draw upon their power.

Stein: And to quote the great conqueror himself, "We came.

You'd think Ray of all people would know better than to ask if Sara needs help in a fight.

Performances Once again, Caity Lotz steals the show and shows why this series has become her vehicle.

King Arthur, last seen in 212, makes an appearance, being dragged through the Star City Time Bureau office in 2017 after having somehow made an appearance during The Spanish Civil War.

Roman law at the time prohibited any general from crossing into Roman territory at the head of an army.Nate also broke up with Amaya, who was allowed to stay in 2017.Given that The Time Bureau now have the technology to open direct portals between two points in time without the need for a ship, why did they need to take King Arthur back to Camelot from The Spanish Civil War through Star City in 2017?But with an Amazonian queen like you by my side, I could make short work of the rest of the world.(Sara places a hand on Caesar's chest and pushes him back.)Sara: ...Ray Palmer has developed a new way of shrinking organic matter and streamlined the technology so that it can be worn more effectively.

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