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Winner of the 26th Annual GLAAD Award for Outstanding Blog, this site is made by lesbians for lesbians.

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Choose from categories like Coming Out, School, or Religion to read the experiences of others and helpful advice on the specific topic.

As part of Queerdeer Media, there are also tons of links to things like LGBTQ children's books, movies, video games, history, and art.

Teens looking for ways to get involved in activism can learn about training and leadership opportunities from the GSA Network.

This site helps youth take their ideas or beliefs about sexuality and equality and turn them into real actions that will help others in the LGBTQ community around the nation.

If you want a lesbian perspective on anything from politics to entertainment, this is the news source for you.

With featured shows like the teen/young adult drama and interviews with young stars like Fifth Harmony's Lauren, the content resonates with a younger crowd.

Named a Top 40 LGBTQ blog/website by Feedspot, this site has a bit of everything.

Listed as a Top 15 LGBTQ site by Feedspot, After Ellen takes a lesbian and bisexual approach to pop culture reporting.

This Los Angeles, California based group hosts the annual Lambda Literary Awards, an LGBTQ writer's retreat and a program for young writers in schools.

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