9 phases of dating

How much do you know about developing an intimate relationship? This is real familiarity, real comfort with each other. HAND TO BODY • This is the first part getting really intimate– touching one another’s bodies. It is like standing on top of a mountain on roller blades, difficult to stop once you get going. • Hopefully you will save this part for someone special – not a one night stand. MOUTH TO BODY • This is the first part of foreplay – hopefully saved for your wedding night. • It is a shared memory that becomes an important foundation “for as long as you both shall live”. Hopefully by reading this, you will give yourself time to think in a relationship. If you already made mistakes, and you are hurting, please chat to a facilitator on the LIVE CHAT about it. You can also test your knowledge on relationships by doing the Relationship Quiz. I wish you blessings for reaching out to people like me.

Do you like to move fast – kiss on the first date, sex on the second date, and lose interest just as fast? • It probably means you would like to get to know one another. • Touching of neck, breasts, upper arms, stomach, back… • Your heart is racing so fast, all thinking stopped. it makes me believe the world still has kind people.

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Most of us date because we want to meet someone to marry who resonates with our views, principles, and values. Are you willing to invest the necessary time to determine, understand & fine-tune your ‘why’?

As with everything you want to be successful at, you must have a plan; your reason for dating is essentially your plan.

The moment I got my mind right about what dating is and what it is not and got intentional about it I started enjoying it more and began meeting extraordinary men, which includes my boyfriend, James.

In fact, I met him on Plenty of Fish, an online dating site, in 2015, and we started dating exclusively in 2016. Below are the nine (9) steps I followed to date with intention: Value yourself.

Only then will you be able to have a healthy, positive dating life that brings you joy and satisfaction. The answer to this question is the pillar of your dating process.

Without it, you will waste your time, continue to get the same results you always have and get nowhere.

If more people took it seriously and did so with intention, there would be a lot less heartache in the world.

By intentional, I don’t mean having the intention to date now or in the future!

Or do you pace yourself, take your time to really get to know someone, to explore and savour every moment, and save sex for a special night; a wedding night in a posh hotel, with champagne, flowers, rose petals, soft lighting and music, because you are a master of lasting relationships? This sometimes only happens on the third on fourth time you encounter that person.

The 12 steps of intimacy were first described by Desmond Morris, a behavioural scientist.

How exciting is it when someone reaches for your hand the first time. ARM TO SHOULDER • You are falling in love, finding one another interesting and comfortable. ARM TO WAIST • You have made a commitment to each other and are confessing it to the world. • This is the beginning of deep physical bonding – hugging and kissing. HAND TO HEAD • Holding someone’s face between your hands while kissing – shows tenderness. • In marriage you have now given part of your future to the other person. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE • This is the gift you only give once – the ultimate proof that you trust another person.

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