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We are seeking Aussie people like you to join our chat to make our chat room filled with people from everywhere.

Aussie Free Chat is the place where Aussie chatters come to chat with anyone from anywhere around the world.

Its an australian technology forum, electronics, satellite TV, lots of stuff.

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However, finding a forum specialising in a certain area is sometimes very hard. I think a site like this would be a good idea, or at least a thread on here that listed them all. Note that I don't actually post on all of these nor do I like them all, I just know of I got surprisingly little from Google.

For example, I want to see if there are any forums specialising in real estate (where/what to buy etc.) Google didn't come up with much. Or maybe my Google skills aren't up to scratch :) A lot of forum packages have a "Powered by xxx" at the bottom. f=10 real estate industry is quite small, and no body wants to give away their IP or trade secret's.

Aussie Chat does its best to provide rich quality services for those who want to have fun online with plenty of great activities.

Anyone from anywhere around the world is also welcome.

Most real estate agents communicate in private arena's, such as REIV. Small as in everyone know's everyone, and if you make an impression in the industry (good or bad), it will stick with you where ever you go. I've already started so why don't you lot go and add things. cheers G Have a looksee at too many real aussie places to go like this has a clean chatroom to use...

Being a vendor/buyer is a different thing - like you said, huge. Remember to give an appropriate heading where it doesnt fit with what I have already put in. I think it looks pretty neat, even if it is's a place where anyone can come and chat on any issue or start their own...cost all free..But unrestricted all forums in a way are open topic as they all seem to have a general or a any topic area. I couldn't find anything else out there without an agenda, would be good if Whirlpoolers kept it going, it's useful!!Haha but that one is so obvious it goes without saying. As for chatrooms try IRC and search google since there are some good IRC servers for major cities such as Brisbane but I don't remember off the top of my head. – A good resource for HTPC :)I think DTV has already been mentioned but I will do again Our chats allow responsible sharing of pictures and videos. Singles should take care when giving out information in chatrooms.Never give your address or phone number to someone you just met online.Chat rooms are a safe way for aussies to meet online and see if they click.

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