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It's more of an embarrassing spanking than painful, I mean it stings pretty good, but thats it. Until then, my bottom gets put up and paddled like a little spoiled brat, and I do learn my lesson, eventually. I'm glad that your mom still spanks you, you deserve it!

She didn't want to paddle my bare bottom but definitely wanted to take my pants down, so she came up with the idea of putting me in punishment panties to get paddled in. So she takes my pants completely off and puts me in the spankies, and then over her knee. After she paddles me she either sends me to my room or puts me in the corner. The most humiliating thing is that my behavior has gradually improved. At your age you should know how to act, and if not, you deserve to be taken back into the "baby" days and spanked like the baby your acting like.

Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home.

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Your family will be the only thing for you anyway when your on your own, so quit taking advange of them. Am Sorry To write It But Your Mom Is "" SICK"" you have to tell her that it's stupid wt she's doin , an you know that if she kept doin that then You'll Become " Gay ", so she have to be careful bout wt shes Doin ... judging from your post, id have to agree with acid and say I think you enjoy it a bit. I don't know where you're from, but where I'm from, that's plain old weird. I know some who are used to do that to my younger brother..was hitting him with a wooden log and I have to pull my brother and took that log and told my mom want your son to just fear u?

sounds like your mom has parenting issues, and perhaps a bit more. or to respect u...u don't need to hit him to make your point...

"So empty that their only escape from themselves is try to return to the happiest years of their life, when things were simple — when they were carefree teens.

By surrendering their adulthood they are in effect placing their bare bottoms over their mother's knees and handing her the hairbrush." "You mean these adult women really want mummy to spank them? "You bet," replied Dr Jerkovitz, loosening her fraternity tie.

My family would whipp you into shape so fast your head would spin. I wish my mom would spank my older brother when he does dumb stuff.

So personaly I think you got off EASY, she only gives you like one spanking. She embarrassed her father and me and she made herself look like a total idiot.We adopted this young lady and this is the thanks we get.You're 18 not a baby, don't act like one. I know it's a mother's right to punish her child as she see fit but this could seriously damage your psychlogical health. You are 18 grow up or get a better punishment, mine's sitting on the floor with nothing to do but watch TV and I hate it!If she continues after you start acting your age then she needs some serious help..are you letting her put you over her knee anyway? I've never been spanked but I have been slapped 16 times on the leg full force by my father. A better punishment would be a loss of privilages like mine.I (5'6" 165 lbs.) tried getting up but my wife (6'2" 190 lbs.) held me down and without missing a beat kept a conversation going with her.

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