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For many Americans, military life is an abstraction, something that takes place behind a walled base or in another country.

Our notion of the war in Iraq is often cobbled together from images on the evening news of roadside bomb explosions, flag-draped caskets and tanks rolling through expanses of sand in every shade of brown.

It seemed to be overhead, but was probably several miles away.

The sad thing was that it was his third day in Iraq.

Seven days after he died, his wife gave birth to twin boys. Balserak is a general surgeon and senior partner with Southwestern Surgery Associates in Tucson.

There’s no end to what needs to be done and there’s no time off.

I recall the one time I tried to go to church with a buddy of mine.

But at times, it’s amazing how quickly time can grind to a halt. The invasion in March of 2003 was a really intense time. We were on the airfield readying our aircraft and trying to cram a couple of days’ worth of water and food into every available spot.

We spent about two weeks in Kuwait prior to invasion planning, training and getting acclimated to the environment. We had become accustomed to occasional missile attacks with the accompanying Patriot launch.That was the same night as the fratricide grenade attack by Sgt. I think we were all ready to get out of Kuwait at that point, even if it meant going into Iraq.I worked in civil-military operations, and our goal was to create or improve all of Baghdad’s municipal institutions like hospitals, schools, banks and fire departments.The stories that follow are a window into the combat lifestyle.Most military men and women in Iraq work seven days a week for months on end, separated from their families.Something happened and my boss sent someone to the chapel to bring us back to work. We were on a road far from an American base, and looking to the left and the right, there was nothing but dark empty desert.

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