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Although it is a one-year, certificate, it may be reissued twice for a total of two (2) one-year extensions.It will bear the same certification area as your other state of certification.

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Full details and links to the training modules and the form for proof of completion can be found here: Since Alaska is only able to provide about 33% of its annual demand for teachers from in-state university pre-service programs, it is a fact that most teachers are originally recruited from other parts of the country.

Teacher certification is handled by states, and most teachers are certified in the state in which they finish their pre-service endorsement program, or where they are working now. Reciprocity implies that a license in another state exempts a teacher from needing one in the state with reciprocity.

Teacher and administrator certification is more complicated than it appears in most states, and Alaska is no exception.

With a series of recent changes to teacher certification in progress now, it's especially important to realize that we are not the "the experts".

For the first one-year extension, the following items must be received by the Teacher Certification office prior to the expiration of the Initial/Out-of-State certificate: Depending on whether you have already met the Alaska basic competency examination requirement or not elsewhere, and completed a Bachelor's degree and teacher preparation program - which most teachers have - this certificate would be valid for a period of up to 3 years.

This is important, as Initial Out-of-State certificates are non-renewable.Alaska still requires all teachers to have a valid Alaska certificate prior to the first day of instruction.However, having certificate in another state or US territory does make getting one in Alaska much easier.Start early, keep a positive attitude, and be detail oriented.If you meet the requirements as outlined on the application forms, you will end up with a certificate.The changes are in several key areas effective immediately, and at least one is going to be phased in for 2017: This is a screen shot of the certification application instructions, and sums up the testing and content area exam / endorsement relationship better than I can, are part of the official language Alaska EED use. : New Mandatory Training Modules Starting June 30, 2017, all teachers who have never been certified in Alaska or another state, as well as those applying for renewal of their license will need to prove satisfactory completion of training in four new areas.

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