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Even the industry journal, the Colored Embalmer, evolved into a political publication.

And a flashpoint in the movement was the funeral of a Chicago teen lynching victim, Emmett Till, whose battered remains were displayed with minimal restoration to make a statement.

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I want to bring string beans or I’m going to make some white potatoes.

I’ll get you some chicken and ham or turkey.’” During the Civil Rights era, morticians joined the fight for equality in unique ways. and other activists met with death threats, an informal network of black morticians helped them travel safely from speech to speech by secretly transporting them in hearses and housing them overnight in funeral homes spanning the South.

When the use of embalming became more widespread during the Civil War, both races considered it taboo for a white undertaker to handle a black corpse.

This segregation of the dead created a parallel funeral industry, complete with a self-contained network of African American-owned casket companies and chemical suppliers.

When Africans were enslaved in the New World, their plantation owners did permit them to gather for private ceremonies.

Slave funerals had a festive tone because death was perceived as liberation, according to Smith’s book.

“We grew out of a basic need within the community,” says Pamela Miller Dabney, 58, the great-granddaughter of Edward, the firm’s founder, who had moved to South Jersey from North Carolina.

In those early days, the Millers welcomed families who would have been turned away by white funeral directors.

Over the course of the American Civil War, more than half a million lives were lost, and those left behind—often women—looked to their futures through the lens of mourning.

By comparing images to other historical source materials, we will look at various aspects of the traditions, perceptions, and meanings embedded in the act of mourning.

Their son, Rutledge, helped his father lift the departed onto their vehicle and eventually took over the establishment.

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