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Questions like these and many others will help you hit dreamland before you know it.Nothing like long scenes in deep space, where nobody can hear you sleep, to help you hit the sack quicker than a handful of Ambien. but not until Jason wakes up halfway through the movie to kill everyone.

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By this point in the story line all the good aspects of the plot have long gone away and none of us knows even in the slightest wtf is going on.

You recognize the characters but it is like watching people you know do things that they shouldn't be doing.

Counting sheep and counting the strange, out-of-place plot points that are going on in this third installment of a good movie gone bad are one in the same.

It is not a matter of 'if' you will fall asleep, it is a matter of when...

By that time the waking world will be nothing but a distant memory to you. After the fireworks, they all decide to go to a party on the other side of the mountain.

Just make sure you keep the volume low as to not be awakened by a sudden jolt of horror music that rips you from your dreams of drunk naked nurses into a machete-fueled killing frenzy scene. Some guys on horses follow you so you hide under a tree. There is no time in this world better for the sandman to visit you than when folks are speaking victorian english on the screen with no chance of anything blowing up or even the slightest inkling of titties popping out. but for guys who have the attention span of the internet, it will only take about three scenes before we realize we are never going to find out what it is and close our eyes for greener pastures elsewhere in our mind.

O fato das aulas serem ministradas no ambiente corporativo estimula a adesão dos funcionários, que não precisam se deslocar do local de trabalho para estudar.

Segundo dados do Banco Mundial, um ano a mais de escolaridade representa elevação de 10% na capacidade produtiva do trabalhador.

We can all agree that Tom Cruise is one weird motherfucker. In this movie, however, he is just as good if not better than a bottle of sleeping pills and some whiskey.

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