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Sometimes you’re told whether the grid features left-right symmetry, up-down symmetry or the traditional radial symmetry, and/or given other starting hints.

Yes, yes, I know they’re all technically “vocabulary crosswords.” You’re very smart.

(Sample from a royalty-free clipart page.) Vocabulary crosswords need easy words and easy clues to be fun solves.

I don’t know if anyone’s tried a numerical diagramless yet. ” (Sample by Paul Niquette.) Gryptics are clueless crosswords whose answers are long words intersecting through an open grid.

Naturally, numerical fill-in and numerical vocab puzzles exist, though to be honest with you, a numerical fill-in sounds like the most boring puzzle anyone has ever conceived. No more than a relative few letters are filled in at the midsection by constructors, but all the letters outside the midsection are provided.

Fun for their target audience, that is, and if you’re reading this study, that audience probably doesn’t include you.

Adult solvers– especially real chest-thumping crossword-obsessives– can often forget the pleasure of first discovery that vocabs offer the newbies.

This isn’t a crossword form that’s “fun for all ages,” at least not very often.

I guess it would be possible to create a set of clues that were easy enough for an eight-year-old and gleefully subversive for a twenty-one-year-old.

Some vocab crosswords use specialized vocabulary for particular adult interest groups (like the example above, aimed at Web design clients). Fill-ins can be an easy substitute for vocab puzzles, or a hard alternative for the crossword connoisseur, and they can take the form of either vocabs or traditional American grids.

And the crosswording bug should be spread, however it can. (Sample from Puzzle Press.) Diagramless puzzles give solvers a set of numbered clues, and an all-white grid with no black squares.

Crazy though it may sound, there’s also a diagramless fill-in, which works sort of like a jigsaw puzzle.

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