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She invited him to meet her pet hamsters, Mizu and Rayu.

When it was too snowy to walk outside, they climbed the 24 flights of stairs in Melissa's high-rise dorm, talking the whole time.

Their toddler, Sara, also had been bitten; she'd developed a fever and rash. The thought of having a child with microcephaly was terrifying," she says.

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Bala cynwyd dating

The median price home price in Bala Cynwyd is $675,000.

Right now, there are 70 homes listed for sale in Bala Cynwyd, including 38 condos and 0 foreclosures.

Religious Jews consider it a mitzvah - a blessing and an obligation - to have at least two.

And the same fascination that prodded Melissa to study midwifery made her yearn to experience pregnancy and childbirth.

Melissa's dream was to receive a marriage proposal in a hot-air balloon, but Evan felt stymied by the logistics of arranging that. Shortly after their marriage, an unplanned pregnancy ended in miscarriage at nine weeks.

Instead, he built a non-floating facsimile: a refrigerator box tricked out with lace and wrapping paper, with a door cut in the side, tethered to 50 helium balloons. Almost two years later, after graduating from Penn with a nursing degree and landing a job at Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, Melissa ducked into the bathroom at work - it was Father's Day 2013 - and emerged with a positive pregnancy test.

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