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Rather, let him take the space he needs to figure out what’s going on and solve the problems in his life.

You can let him know you’re there for him if he needs you, but let him take the space he needs to figure out what’s going on in his own life.

You’re worried that he’s pulling away and that he’s going to leave… You might even feel like you’re close to panicking, and you don’t know how to move forward to get your relationship back to the way it was before. I’m going to give you the Why Do Men Fall In Love And Why Men Leave “Perfect” Women Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Is He Losing Interest” Quiz right now and find out if he’s really losing interest in you…

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If he’s really working through a problem, he’ll appreciate you understanding that he needs a bit of time and space and giving it to him, without getting angry, attacking him, or trying to punish him for being distant.

But what if he’s acting distant because of something in the relationship? Another big reason a guy might start acting distant all of a sudden is because he might be feeling smothered in the relationship.

out of the blue in a relationship) when something outside the relationship grabs their attention and forces them to concentrate on it.

This could be a problem at work, a problem with his family, something in his personal life stressing him out, or something else entirely.

Something between you has changed, and now he’s acting differently.

Maybe he’s not showing you the chivalric, gentlemanly side that he once showed you. Maybe it feels like you’re bothering him or annoying him whenever you reach out to him.

Or maybe work is just extra stressful for a little while.

Maybe something stressful is happening in his family and he doesn’t feel comfortable discussing it.

It’s all about what’s going on in his personal life – and you might not even know about it.

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