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A similar demonstration was held in Derry this afternoon.

Demonstrators made it clear they would not support a revived power-sharing executive if it was not accompanied by a radical overhaul of the ' Petition of Concern'.

John O' Doherty, a prominent activist with the Love Equality coalition campaigning for a law change, told the rally any future deal between the DUP and Sinn Féin needed to encompass reform of the Po C. "We know that at least 55 out of 90 MLAs now back equal marriage. "No party or group of MLAs should hold a veto over people lives, over people's rights - and this campaign will not be held to ransom by those who seek to hold Northern Ireland back, who refuse to recognise the rights of LGBT people and our families.

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The UK Government has come under pressure to legislate on the issue amid the ongoing absence of power-sharing.

Armagh-born Labour MP Conor Mc Ginn, who failed in a recent bid to change the law through a private member's bill at Westminster, warned Mrs May the issue was "not going away".

As well as delivering the medication, a doctor in the Netherlands was on hand to counsel the women as it is also illegal to assist in a termination though patients can be referred to England and Wales.

In an earlier press release about the protest the charities did not disclose whether the women were pregnant at the time they took the pills, which would mean they had broken Northern Irish law.Same-sex marriage campaigners have insisted any deal to restore Stormont power-sharing must include reform of a controversial voting mechanism that has blocked a law change in Northern Ireland.Up to 5,000 activists marched through Belfast to demand an end to the ban on same-sex marriage.After several minutes, the officers abandoned their attempt to speak with the woman and left the area.The robots, which were also seized by police, were part of a collaboration between Women on Waves, Women on Web – organisations who provide advice and support to access abortion safely – and feminist group Rosa Northern Ireland.There is a major police presence and counter protests from pro-life campaigners at the event, launched in the wake of the historic referendum in the Republic of Ireland in which the country voted to allow abortion in early pregnancy.

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