Beta male in dating world

), but completely independent of women, it makes me a happier, healthier, more fulfilled man.Isn’t that a much more productive way to look at this?

Beta male in dating world

While the 80s were no where near as conservative as the 50s (plenty of young unmarried people were getting laid in the 80s, believe me), I do admit that things like divorce rates were much lower, teen pregnancies were much more rare and unusual, BF/GF relationships tended to last longer, and the culture was more Reagan and Schwarzenegger than Hillary Clinton and Tina Fey. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but do you really think the only reason I did it was to get chicks?

I’ll concede that was one of the factors, but the biggest reason was that I have diabetes in my family tree, and if I stayed chubby into my 40s I’d probably get type 2 diabetes pretty damn fast. That is the number one reason I started busting my ass a few years ago and embarked on the very frustrating journey (at least for me) to lose the weight.

This is a real post I saw on my Facebook feed one day by a young attractive woman: It had only been a a few minutes since she had made the post, yet it had already received 45 likes. To be fair, there were some not-so-positive comments as well, but the slobbering positive ones outweighed the negative ones by about five to one.

So yes, this is a very serious problem with strong implications that indeed negatively affect the women you meet in a very real way. One of the reasons women over age 33 reject Alphas their age so quickly is because they know there’s a line of betas standing outside their door ready to obey whatever silly ASD-based dating rules they have. One of the reasons there is so much anger against beta males in the manosphere is because of the great damage betas do to all men by behaving this way with women.

In most of the world, esp in America and places like America ( UK, Canada ) girls who are hot have literally unlimited options.

Big cities, social media, and dating websites help fuel the endless army of lower alphas and betas who will kill their entire family just to sniff her pussy. Add onto that the fact most guys in America and places like America are huge pussies when it comes to getting ass…This causes her serial monogamy countdown timer to be much shorter than if she was in a world of masculine alpha men who put their mission way above pussy.

The Solution…Of Sorts Therefore, I do grudgingly agree with Fudge Man’s point even though I have a lot of caveats to my agreement.

The onslaught of betas plus heightened sexual availability for women as opposed to more conservative eras does create a new challenge for all of us.

Cantonese cultures have been very happy with wide-open relationships and marriages all the way up until the late 1970s.

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