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As the result of a vigorous student protest before the trustees and the Faculty Council, negotiation by two committees was in- stituted and was still going on by press time. Seated: Paul Dickson, Steve Hoyle, Perry Mc Carty, George Bensch. Standing: Stu Kagel, Gerry Hancock, Bryan Simpson, Tony Miller, Peter Jason, Pete Wales, Ted Steinberg, Kent Peterson, Mac Boxley, Van Mac Nair, Terry Reeves. ,f ^ ^ r Page 80 Student Responsibility The work of the Councils began during Orientation for Freshmen.

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IL Si CHp Zmj PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL-NORTH CAROLINA CHARLES CHINNIS-JOHN HOWE CO-EDITORS BOB SPEIGHT BUSINESS MANAGER ^f^-^K" ff ^ " \'^Z '^^'^4 'm^^- i ; JW^ m IN f M «N «N IN IN NO CO in vo NO r^ IN IN IN IN VO CO OO 'J- oo r*- CD — IN m * '! Teaching motion picture pro- duction, photography, and electronics for the Physics department, Mr. His principal interest, however, is photography and he has produced a number of documentary and re- search motion pictures. A., 1962 (Harvard), Associate Professor of Business Administration, is a specialist in marli, no NS There are but many things which one remembers of G.

He is, however, particularly noted on the campus of the University of North Carolina for having been the founder of the Alliance Francaise de Chapel Hill. Recently he has been offered a Fulbright Grant to teach at the Johns Hopkins Center in Bologna, Italy. Klingberg will be listed in the next addition of Who's Who in America. D., 1954 (University of North Carolina), As- sistant Professor of Zoology, has written several scientific articles in cooperation with her husband, Dr. Aside from his publications and popularity as a teacher, Dr. S., 1942 (University of North Carolina), is an Assistant Professor of RTVIVIP, and Associate Director of the Communications Center of the University.

In November, in an unexpected announcement, Mike Chanin re- signed his position as Party Chairman, ending the longest term of office in party annals. As the United States Air Force has been recognized as America's first line of defense, the AFROTC is an integral part of the University of North Carolina.

Jeff Adams, former Sergeant-at-Arms of the Party, was elected Chairman for the remainder of the year. The purpose of the program is to provide a constant supply of officer material.

Standing: Con Carson, Jeff Adams, Pat Wilson, Laszio Birinyi. Its members participate in a many-faceted program of worship, study, evangelism, service, and recreation. chapter meets each Sunday evening at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for supper and program.

Pags 79 Councils Inculcate The Men's and Women's Councils are the courts of original jurisdic- tion for violations of the Honor and Campus Codes. First row: Mike Newton, Patsy Leffler, Betsy Clark, Patty Quillian, Judy Allen. Second row: Sandra Batchelor, Linda Pearce, Joan Groce. Cheryl Hoffman, Sally Simmons, Betty Rawls, Elizabeth Scovil. A member of the Lutheran Student Association of America, the local L. This program takes many forms, including discussions, lectures, Bible studies, fellow- ship periods, and recreational outings.

Under a newly instituted system, an entire day was devoted to the Women's Council for the presentation of the rules which concern women students.

Entering male students were given two lectures and a quiz in addition to the movie which informally presents the Honor System. Standing: Walt Tuthill, Larry Coleman, Mickey Blackwell, Bob Payton, Alan Craig, Clark Brewer.

The campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is indeed rich in outstanding professors who are sincerely devoted to the task of instilling within Carolina men and women both an appreciation and an understanding of the Arts and Sciences. 1956 (University of Wisconsin), Professor of English, is noted for his erudite studies in Renaissance Literature as well as Modern Literary Criticism.

Basketball Minor Sports Athletic Orga LASSES Undergraduat Health Affairs Law . Administrator of Health Affairs Joseph Carlyle Sitterson Dean of the General College Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Page 40 Arthur Emil Fink Dean of the School of Social Work Nerval Neil Luxon Dean of the School of Journalism Maurice Wentworth Lee Dean of the School of Business Arnold Perry Dean of the School of Education Page 41 ACADEMICS STEPHEN B. D., 1955 (Cambridge), Associate Professor of English History, is well known to students through his many popular courses dealing with the Tudor-Stuart period, the Eighteenth Century, the British Empire and Commonwealth, and various other related subjects. Baxter received a Guggenheim fellowship, 1959-1960. Currently his biography of William III is being printed in addition to his The Development of the Treasury, 1660-1702, published In 1957.

In this sense, their function is a regulatory one, but it is also creative as they attempt to educate the student body about the responsibilities of academic freedom and student government. In all these activities, the atmosphere is one in which each member works for the benefit of his fellow students and for the joy of his own task.

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