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In October 2006 this single was released in Greece and Cyprus, got into TOP 10 and was released in a number of European countries.

In September 2005 Dima won two awards at MTV Russia Music Awards for «Best Performer» and «Artist Îf Òhe Year».

After that Forbes magazine couldn’t but settle Bilan on the top of the rating of most popular Russian celebrities.

I never really liked any of Egypt's "official" journals, nor did any of the indie ones get my respect.

On the other hand, not only do I regularly buy "Al Dustoor", but I also keep the old prints, if not for its value, then for the beautiful poems written on the header of each page (each week by a certain poet, or in a certain theme).

Only a few days later Dima started the Eurovision Winner’s Tour on May 27.

In just one week he managed to travel to nine European countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and San-Marino.

This victory made Dima only the fifth artist (after Lys Assia, Gigliola Cinquetti, Linda Martin and Elisabeth Andreassen) in the history of the contest to be both winner and runner-up and the first male performer to do so.

Dima’s winning entry also featured Olympic and World Figure Skating champion Evgeny Plushenko and Hungarian violin virtuoso Edvin Marton playing on a Stradivarius violin dating from 1697.

Not only has the so called "official" journals lost credibility, it has (IMHO) dulled the public conscious, stripped it of its freedom.

Al Dustoor is very bold in criticizing the government and Mubarak himself! the articles of its chief editor, Ibrahim Esa) It is really full of contents, not just ink, full of nice sarcastic caricatural drawings and a hell lot of bold diverse opinions about everything currently concerning the people in Egypt, not to forget its radical yet neat formatting and editing.

Dima Bilan was touring US (New York, Los Angeles, San-Francisco, Miami, Chicago) in January 2007 with audience not less than 3000 people per venue.

Dima Bilan got classical scholarship at the famous Gnesin Academy of Music.

One of the first steps in Bilan`s career was his participation in "Jurmala" contest, the most relevant music contest in Eastern Europe.

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