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Basecamp gives our international sales force a chance to bounce challenges off of each other.

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I freelance as a web designer and I can create clear, concise, and organized information to my client.

They know what is going on at any point, so I think it also helps set a tone for a project and can also make everyone feel accountable.” Earlier, our targets remained on the excel sheets and were not followed properly. Moreover, we can see who is doing what.” “We used to print out all of our communication and docs at 3 different offices just to make sure we always were all up to date on our projects.

It gets difficult to coordinate in a diverse team sometimes. They were never up to date and we had to schlep pounds of paper whenever we would visit a customer or factory.

The to-do feature of basecamp has been a great help. “We are open 7 days a week, there are two to four shifts a day.

With Basecamp, I'm able to focus on developing new content and tools.

We're a bunch of audio nerds and have a weekly prompt to post audio related info - its a great way to keep up with the industry, nerd out with the team and develop ideas for content and even products.” Before Basecamp, we did this all over email and some terrible half-baked wiki software — super-inefficient.

We could only keep track of so many fine details of each project before we had to put project requests on hold.

“I just joined a planning board this year for an event that's been taking place for 10 years.

While it's sometimes initially seen as a hinderance, the benefits become obvious to the client every time, making everyone's lives easier.” “We always know the status of tasks and to-dos in our projects.

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