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In the spring of 1985, they acquired space at the iconic factory, purchased a lot of the old original guitar-making equipment, and the rest is history.

Jim Deurloo, Marv Lamb, and JP Moats, the founders of Heritage, had a combined 84 years of guitar-building experience among them when the company began.

As with the 809 scam, however, it appears that the prevalence of the one-ring scam and the potential damages its victims might suffer are considerably lower than the circulated warnings about it often suggest.

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That sort of information would be compromised only if another party somehow hacked into the user’s phone (via a malicious app or other code) and/or the user actively did something to enable access to it.

(In either case, there’s no obvious reason why such a scheme would require the victim to place a call to the information-stealer rather than the other way around.) Some versions of this warning maintain that “You may also be charged a monthly fee for joining some club you know nothing about.

In time, they added Bill Paige and Mike Korpak as co-owners.

Mike left shortly after joining, but Jim, Marv, and Bill are still active in the daily business.

Over the years, Heritage has built a small array of various instruments, including banjos, mandolins, flat tops, and basses.

However, with the demand for the guitars increasing, the company decided to focus exclusively on making the world’s greatest hollow, semi-hollow, and solid body electric guitars.

For over a century, the factory at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan has been a destination for guitarists, music enthusiasts, historians, and anyone proud of a great American story.

As Heritage embarks on a new chapter of this ongoing history, we hope you’ll join us to watch it unfold. Our handcrafted guitars are available direct from factory or through local, independent music shops that understand your needs, style, and the value of service.

While the 809 scam involves sending pages, faxes, voicemails, or e-mail messages that supposedly relay important information (e.g., news about a distressed family member or a notification of prize winnings) in order to lure the recipient into calling a provided phone number, the “one ring” scam employs a simpler technique: the scammers place calls to blocks of phone numbers (sometimes with the use of robo-call devices), disconnect each call after a single ring, and hope that the owners of some of those numbers will be curious enough to call back: Dubbed “one-ring hang-ups,” the scheme targets millions of mobile-phone lovers.

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