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In the piece, Jackson, who had blacked out a year earlier at Denver airport, finally went public about his illness. I would rather him inside the tent, pissing out, than the reverse. I'd already travelled quite a bit as a journalist, and I'd tasted interesting beers in other countries.

I am hoping that my next book will be an account of my dealings with Parkinson's disease. We refer to our ailments possessively, as though we are staking a claim. Pissing, with excessive frequency and desperate urgency is one of his annoying habits. Particularly, I was very aware of the Belgian traditions and to some extent the German tradition.

I wanted to kind of record Belgian beer before those breweries didn't exist anymore.

I certainly didn't see it as a career possibility, but I think all, or many, journalists have in them a sort of element of being an advocate. The next year his World Guide to Beer made him known to younger beer drinkers in the United States, who were instrumental in making what turned out to be the micro-brew revolution of small-scale, local breweries that often sold their entire output on their own premises.

Michael Jackson, writer and journalist: born Leeds 27 March 1942; married Maggie O'Connor (deceased); died London 30 August 2007. The lugubrious countenance disguised a child happy in his inner world, which had grown greatly since I learned to read." Jackson went to grammar school, King James's School, Almondbury, Huddersfield, but left at 16 in 1958 to work as a trainee on the Huddersfield Examiner, to which he had already submitted news stories and jazz reviews; there he developed a distinctive style and succeeded as a reporter.

Michael Jackson was a pioneer in writing about beer the way people have written for more than a generation about wine – with respect for how it is made, and with seriousness, discrimination and knowledge. By the time he moved south to Fleet Street, he was already curious about beer and writing a bit about it.

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I have lived with Parkinson for many years, but I have only recently allowed him out of the closet. His biggest worry – and reason for "coming out" – was that people might take some of the symptoms for that great occupational hazard, A Drink Problem, something he had never had. I thought, it's very good that Camra is fighting for British tradition, but what about the tradition of these other countries?

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