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Wall Paper -Air D- Window Shades As Complete a Line as You "Will Find in the City at Lowest Prices, Also a Line of MAi L BOXES, IN IRON AND TIN. BE WISE IN TIDE And ' Take this Opportunity to Fix Up Tour j Romes. r sting nature, at tbe Egyptian museum of Anatomy on Market street tor a few days only.

Yon can save 21 pean Ts on every yard of Baptists bought a, the East End store. Early in life he publicly professed faith in Christ and united with the Baptist churcb.

His sickness bega'j ebout two weeks since, and although Lis sufferings at times wis almot nnindurable, they were a 1 borne witn that christian resignation of which his life was characteristic.

Edwards t&ree-cif hths of th sontheast quarter of section 5, 26,25. Among the many pleasant resorts of the city the Beating Park takes the lead for beauty and pleasure.

fall ttts ndasca is requested I , E-LIHEHY IN THE CITY.

We would be rleased to have you call at 209 MARKET STREET, And examine, and if we have anv plunder in the abovo line you can use we will be glad to sell to you.

f Tfcs XRillh Zzzizi Grsilir,1' nstoa&tof Fw9T!

Tha park is J est one block from the termination of the Red Car line aad two blacks from the beautiful Bridal Veil artesian .

We hiv a large number of boats always ready rr use.- Tbe para is amnlv supplied with teats, swings, croquet grounds, etc- ior tnosa wno may wish to pass away the pie tsant hours ia the par.

1 desiie to rail the attention cf tha pnb'is to tbe fact that I hsve secured the ezc:usve right to use tte Electric b.roaud waterproof Cost liar for tho sta'e of Katsas. A ronf coated with rbi compound will positively not cstcb on fire from fly- irg brand?

eikg iu ii 1 or hoi roofs, ao: many t me 11 siula roefs. I solicit a trial ot my wore ou v-rv re sonab'e terms.

c.ttrrh and catarrhal deafness suc-ces fully treated; defective Tisioa overcome by the proper adjnstmeat or glasses, etc Ufa 3e over Misswu-Itams Millinery s ore os Main street; from 9 to 12 s. He Lved a burab e rk-voed and conscientious li'e and di d with a cer aia hore of immorta Mty. Tre officer dii Lot trvetho paro.:s until yeter Uy, wheu 1 f n.1 behold when tbe ru Ueftudant was roiated out to him he a little bare-f30? The officer was ashamed to make tbe arrrot and urgsd tbe mother to appasr with the cbi:d at J udge Margrave's court in tbe afternoon at 2 o'clock. Upon the same dav postal-cards describing tbe thief, and offering a reward of was is suei and ent over the adjoining country.

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