Candidating for a church

3) Does your church provide (blank) for the minister and his family?

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Then, when he/she thinks it’s appropriate, the chair can inform the full committee. The minister in particular should scribble quick notes on what is said and transcribe them into longer, fuller reports on returning to his room. So much is said, much serious and some in jest, some implied and some explicit, which will be forgotten within hours. Possible questions the minister will want to put before the pastor search committee include….

1) What are the 3 most important things you want from your pastor?

This could be a question on doctrine, a denominational controversy, some issue in their community, divorced deacons, divorce itself, homosexuality, entrenched leadership (i.e., treasurer or deacon chairman who has held the same position for 30 years), the pastor knowing how much people are contributing and who is tithing, and such.

You could go anywhere with this question, but should limit it to one or two issues of great weight to you.

You’re looking for stumps in this field you may be asked to plow.

If you are KJV only and the people are using many modern translations–or if the opposite is the case–you need to know this going in. 5) Has the church ever given a pastor a sabbatical (a few weeks off to rest or study or travel or visit other churches)?What questions would you ask the chairman in private?Answer: Things that might be considered embarrassing or presumptuous or of a private nature.That signals them that this is important too, just as critical as what went before, and that they should not be expecting to (ahem) get out early.(After all, there is no guarantee you will ever have another visit with these folks.In most cases, this will have already been made clear to you.

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