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Taking it one step further, it would appear that across the water, UK entrepreneur Thomas Thurlow has tapped into the youth of today’s preference for all things ‘casual’ with the release of ‘Shag’.

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“Maybe im just a cynic, but that seems like more than what most are offering.

I’d say go for it.” At first, I dismissed his claim that her suggestion was ‘more than what most’ were bringing to the table.

Does either party have the right to know what the other is up to? And, most importantly, can casual dating ever turn into something more substantial?

While researching this topic, two points have arisen time and time again: one, that those involved must respect one another and, two, that both people must be on the same page.

After all, I quite liked this girl and wasn’t too keen on the idea of some airy fairy ‘relationship lite’ scenario that could leave me open to getting hurt.

However, before I made any decision on the matter, a friend’s advice stopped me in my tracks.

I’ve been in a friends-with-benefits situation for about 3 months.

I’ve continued to date other people as I don’t know what I really want right now.

So I’m going to give you some advice on how you can see yourself a little more clearly.

Now, to be fair, it’s extremely easy to see flaws in other people when you have them yourself. Continue to communicate this way for the rest of your life, otherwise, you will have a hard time no matter who your boyfriend might be. You’re suppose to hang out and be “friends” and share the nasty, but not get emotionally involved or feel any attachment….complicated! Maybe the OP should try finding a F*** buddy instead?

Surely an offer of exclusivity was not that rare of an occurrence as to warrant such a vague and casual offer so appealing?

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