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The women fit perfectly into Carrie- or Miranda-type boxes.

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Bringing a handsome lawyer from Washington home to meet the traditional West African family reveals the divide between black people in Africa and black people from the United States.

The question of entitlement is explored through familial connections high up in government.

“Women I know in Accra, women I know in Kigali or Nairobi or Lagos or Monrovia.”So she wrote her own series.

“An African City” features music from Ghanaian hip-hop artists like Jayso, chic home décor from Ghanaian interior designers that are highlighted in detail on the show’s Instagram page, and clothing from fashion designers like Christie Brown, Archel Bernard, Kiki Clothing, Osei-Duro and Afrodesiac.

“When a man in Ghana says that he’s single, it means that his wife is just in another country or in another city or the other room,” Sade tells her.

In Season 2, Makena’s African-American boyfriend is upset to learn that her family’s houseboy calls her uncle “master,” and she herself goes into personal crisis when her aunt tells her that the family once owned slaves.Though the themes of love and sisterhood are universal, she assumes most of those viewers are members of the African diaspora.“It’s definitely my mother’s generation who come up to me and say, ‘Good job, good job, keep it going! “And I’m assuming it’s because they like the fact that these are five young women talking so freely about sex, and there’s something so liberating about these five women.Maybe they didn’t feel in their day that they were that free.”In an episode from Season 1, some of Sade’s luggage is held up at customs for upward of three months, leaving her without her beloved vibrator.She says she would have brought it in her carry-on instead “if I had known that you can’t get one in Togo, Benin, Ghana — anywhere in West Africa for that matter.”A later episode has them mystified by social media and its role in a society that is already confounded by the murky lines drawn around traditional marriages.After Zainab’s date assures her that he is not married or seeing anyone, he friends her on Facebook without bothering to hide his actual marital status.The vibrant colors and pop patterns have been the toast of the series, especially as members of the African diaspora have begun to incorporate kente cloth crop tops into their wardrobes and wear traditional patterns to big events like prom. Amarteifio had initially planned to release the first-season episodes online, build a following, then pitch the series to a network like BET or the Africa Channel.

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