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This means if you are using Self Registration on a DLL that depends on the file going to the Win Sx S it won't work because you have a race condition. You can troubleshoot the problem by opening regedit and searching for the Guid and the Prog Id to see which versions of the assembly have been ... The long answer: VB6 compiles the CLSID of the control into the executable even though you use a Prog ID to create the control. Your exe probably requires (through an internal manifest) that specific version.

There are usually - at least - two manifests involved when building the activation context for registration free COM. If it is not found on the system (there's a lot of ...

The CLR does not guarantee to maintain/preserve the Win32 Activation Context when passing through managed code.

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I've found that logging off/on seems to clear the triggers the config file to be read again. Try late binding to the interop assembly in your native application if you can. Timores is right: the redist should be this one, which is related to this KB entry As you can see there, msvcr80has been updated to version 8.0.50727.6195.

Files targeting the Win SXS and GAC aren't actually installed until commit phase execution because the API that publishes them doesn't support rollback operations. I'd also advise against auto generating the interface using Auto Dual and instead explicitly generating your own read this for more info. It is the "security update" of the "SP1" of the 2005 C runtime..

So you want load one CLR by specifying v2, and another specifying v4. (I'm assuming that you OK with manifest etc as it sounds like you're able to get it working fine the 'standard' way...) There's the 'hardcore' way of doing things here, or you can use the Microsoft. Code Generation and set "Runtime Library" to a "non-dll" option.

Previously, you couldn't do this at all, it would crash spectacularly. Depending on your target audience, distributing as a may be problematic as files are sometimes blocked from downloading in corporate ...

Even if you strongly Dim a variable As User Control, accessing methods/properties on this reference is late-bound!

VB creates an extension class on each referenced user control to expose common methods (like Set Focus, Move, etc) ...You probably only need it for loading and binding to the object, so once you have an IUnknown you can return chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.This was causing the CLR Loader to get into a "Capped" loading path. Miller told me, happens when a version isn't v4 or higher ...Our approach to this problem was to write a build assist program that registered and unregistered components, run the VB6 compiler, and would even rewrite project files with updated GUIDs when interfaces changed.Miller from the CLR Team pointed me in the right direction.

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