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Louis rapper whose debut album Jackpot went platinum and produced several standout hit singles, "Right Thurr," "Holidae In," "One Call Away," "Balla Baby," and "Pullin' Me Back." Born Howard Bailey, Chingy released three albums with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace imprint, and brought candy-colored tall tees to red carpets.

But when his fourth album, Hate It or Love It, stalled at No.

Don't get it twisted: I still make that type of music: feel-good music.

Right now I'm working out this reality show called Business with the Babies and getting it on a network. I stay in a state of learning so I don't stay in the state of thinking. Drinking, smoking, popping Mollies, "Eff this person, eff that"? Everybody getting it twisted, thinking I'm making gospel music. But what I am doing is telling people how to dig deeper into your inner self.

In 2007, it’s all about change for a rapper named Chingy.

From his rejoining his Disturbing Tha Peace family to his joining with Def Jam to relocating to Atlanta to unveiling his newest disc Hate It or Love It, Chingy is making all the right moves.

“I also listen to my share of old school music, so I know as much about Luther Vandross as I do about NWA.” Already writing lyrics by the time he was nine and recording raps at ten, he says, “I wish I had kept those old lyric books that I used.

I had so many of them.” He pulls from these older days on one of Chingy’s favorite new tracks from Hate It or Love It, “Kick Drum,” where he laces the lyrics with some of that old school inspiration.

84 on the Billboard album charts, things started to unravel. " DTP was [like], "We dropped the bomb, it just failed, this and that." We released "Gimme That" with Bobby Valentino — they didn't push it.

DTP parent company Def Jam pulled its budget, and Chingy made management decisions that "became a bad idea in the long run." By 2007, he'd seemingly disappeared.

“I come from a neighborhood known as the Bad Blocks,” he says.

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