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I hope that reading this list of good reads begins with expectation and closes with both delight and profit—not just for the moment, but for all of eternity, that is, for The Eternal End. Olson Editor, CWR and Ignatius Insight Mary Jo Anderson is a bibliophile’s book.The Australian poet and literary critic (and atheist) retired to his Cambridge home with a Leukemia diagnosis and his library.He built his daughter a perfect miniature replica of their neighborhood so that Marie can learn to navigate her darkening world—darkening, too, from brooding clouds of war.

But readers have learned that not just any book is suited to any occasion.” Ever since I was a young boy I have enjoyed book lists, which so often have introduced me to books and authors I might not otherwise encounter.

There is, of course, a definite subjectivity to a “best books” list, and yet we also find that certain books, because of any number of qualities and merits, tend to arrive on such lists.

(a self-fulfilling assumption), we might ask instead, What is the end of reading?

” One answer, I think, is that we read both to know .

A collection of essays edited by Katherine Gorka and Patrick Sookhdeo, it includes an entry by Robert Reilly, “Public Diplomacy in an Age of Global Terrorism.” Apologetic books: Rodney Stark’s This is the first in the Rupert Kingfisher trilogy for seven-to-nine-year-olds.

Young Madeleine is sent by her parents to work in her uncle’s Parisian restaurant during the summer.

Without exaggeration, I can state rather certainly that Greaney understands the post-Cold War world of fundamentalisms and terror better than anyone in the media or in academia.

I’d not read the Shannara series of fantasy books by Terry Brooks since sometime in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, in Germany a quiet boy is forced into the Hitler Youth.

His unique talent for communications insures that his and Marie’s paths will cross in the fortress village of St.

The criteria given to the contributors is quite simple: “What were the best books you read in the past year?

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