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He says these changes don’t make it any easier for a person of color to get into the academy.

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Although most of the book is fictional, Keyes brought the element of male stripping from his own personal experience.

“I did an amateur night once on a dare (from an ex-girlfriend),” he said. Matter of fact, they kept calling me for two months like, ‘Is Dr. ’” Keyes has also been singing since he was a child, and even performed the first song he ever wrote during the interview.

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Past guests have included Jay Ellis, Asia Ray, Drew Sidora, Mc Kinley Freeman, Mack Wilds, Robert Riley, Omar Miller, and more.

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It will also include ten-year limits on the voting abilities of new members of the Academy.

But the head of CSUN’s film program, Nate Thomas, doesn’t have much hope these changes will help.

He also discussed his song “Cook My Dinner Naked” and the concept behind the video.

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