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It showed us what we spent our money on, but it didn’t really change our behavior.

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I am SO excited to share this article with y’all today because I haven’t done a good job writing about YNAB myself (You Need A Budget) and that’s just crazy cuz this is a budgeting site!! So please welcome my boy Vic from Dad Is today who shares his story on how it’s completely changed his finances and gotten his family to save and plan better for the future. ********************** For years my wife and I tried to budget.

A debt consolidation loan will help you to improve your credit rating, which in turn will save you more money in the future.

For more on debt consolidation see below Types of Debt Consolidation Loans Debt Consolidation - What Options are available?

At the beginning of every month, you allocate every single dollar for your budget.

This includes EVERYTHING, from monthly expenses such as water and electricity to more fun spending such as restaurants and going out.Botha, CT, South Africa “We’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep up with all our accounts every month and so we decided to consolidate our debt…With Zulika’s help we’ve improved our cash flow with R5,312 pm and this was by far the easiest financing that we’ve ever got.” F.It's all about finding financial stability for you and your family.That way you can look forward to a brighter financial future.If you have missed payments or carry excessive credit card debt, your credit score suffers.

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