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In the 1980s, the maximum Pell Grant — the money the federal money gives to low-income students to attend college — covered more than half the cost of a four-year public school, according to The Institute for College Access and Success, a think tank focused on college affordability. A college degree has also become more necessary than ever to compete in today’s workforce at the same time that Americans’ wages have remained stagnant.That means more students are going to school with less money to pay for it, resulting in an uptick in student debt.

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Many have blamed the uptick in college costs and therefore student debt on administrative bloat, the idea that colleges are spending more on nonacademic staff and facilities.

In addition, many 17-year-olds likely don’t understand what owing tens of thousands of dollars in loans will mean after they graduate.

It’s getting harder and harder to graduate college without taking on student loans.

Nearly 70% of bachelor’s degree recipients leave school with debt, according to the White House, and that could have major consequences for the economy.

However, to the credit of Sallie Mae/Navient, one of the great programs created at Sallie Mae remains alive and well with Navient.

The program is called the “Rate Reduction Program”.

That’s because a small debt may be a sign that the borrower didn’t complete school or obtained a low-level degree that’s relatively meaningless in the job market.

Borrowers with high levels of debt are more likely to have taken on loans to attend graduate school that will pay off in the labor market, allowing them to earn enough to pay off their loans.

A September study published by the Brookings Institution found that a large share of the growth in the number of students struggling to pay off their loans over the past several years is tied to students borrowing to go to for-profit schools and to a smaller extent two-year community college.

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