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Alter 30 Von Hamburg, Germany Online - Vor 2 Wochen Crossdresser Suche nach Mann (253 Kilometer entfernt) Love wearing very pretty feminine clothes - skirts/dresses, heels, stockings, silk lingerie, etc. Passionate about dressing and being complete woman :) Love the house maid sub role a lot. Alter 55 Von Cap, Luxembourg Online - Vor 2 Wochen Crossdresser Suche nach Mann (611 Kilometer entfernt) I would love to share my joys with a man looking for someone like me. For play and party, I would prefer somebody 190 cm and taller, because of my own physics, and not younger than me. Alter 36 Von Bolligen Station, Switzerland Online - Vor 2 Wochen Crossdresser Suche nach Mann (752 Kilometer entfernt) ich stehe total darauf wenn man mir ins Gesicht sagt das ich eine kleine Schlampe bin.

Looking for someone to wine, dine and somthing more with me.. gerne ziehe an was dir gefällt und mache auch sonst so worauf du lust hast Melde dich kostenlos an und klicke dich durch tausende Profile. Und sobald du Teil unserer Community bist, ist es für uns leichter, passende Treffer für dich zu finden.

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I love him very much & I am fine with this if he wants to do it. I’ve been doing some research, but i don’t know exactly what I am looking for. If it isn’t clear already, the basic idea is that when you have a fetish, your ability to become sexually aroused becomes linked to a particular thing and it becomes difficult to get aroused properly without that thing being present.

I found a few websites that say this behavior is considered Transvestic Fetishism. I want to talk to him about it & we have, but I don’t really know what to ask. While some of the paraphilias are disturbing, abusive and criminal (e.g., pedophilia), not all of them are bad things.

I just found out 2 days ago that my boyfriend & man I plan to marry enjoys wearing female clothing. He says that he only does it when he is lonely & once he finishes masterbating, he takes it all off.

He also said he’s been doing it for a number of years, but there will be periods of months that go by where he doesn’t even think of it. This behavior of his is very likely to be an instance of Transvestic Fetisism, one of a group of sexual diagnoses known as the paraphilias, which includes exhibitionism (arousal attached to shocking people with public displays), regular fetishism (say, a fetish for leather – difficulty achieving arousal without the fetish item present), frotteurism (arousal is tied to rubbing against people in public), pedophilia (arousal is tied to sexually immature partners), sexual masochism (arousal tied to being punished), sexual sadism (arousal tied to punishing), and voyeurism (arousal tied to spying on other’s sexual activities in peeping tom fashion).

Age 39 From Paris, France Online - Today Crossdresser Seeking Man (468 Kilometers Away) Adventurous and ready for new experiences.

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