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Gnutella, Proxyoverlay and mute without end to end? Ok, this may not be constructive, but should be considered.

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Because Pastry will not be implemented in kademlia, but if, then in gntuella, this means, if mute gets hybrid with an app, it is better to take the shareaza code than the emule code to make a hybrid.

If then a gnutella-client is overlayed with a Pastry proxy network, then as well the Mute-Shareaza client is safe. Though this is a general question, how mute will develop.

I am guessing I am missing a library, or the ones I have are not the right versions.

Is there a list of prerequisites for compilation or a debian package available?

Thanks, Dooferlad Here are some links about Pastry and Microsoft developing it. the question is, if here (in pastry) "end to end encr" is implemented or not, If not, then we do not need Mute, we only need pastry as an overlaynetwork for gnutella2. As well the virtual adresses play no role, because the neighbour is not a buddy, but a quick changing foreigner (peer).

If we have mute without end to end, then gnutella with an overlay network is much better.Well, for one, CVS code may or may not compile, its currently being worked on.Two, yes specific things are needed to compile it, I would need to see your error log to determine the problem.The ISP is excluded and each partial-encrypter-node cannot open the partial, because you can only open the complete container.The container only has to transfer the key or Password of the zip.Mute can only differ from gnutella2-plus overlayed-proxynetwork, if end to end encryption is implemented.

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