Cyber sex

Usually the addict will engage in Cybersex actions that he/she would not attempt in real life.

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Reuters reported that in a period of two years the sexual sites on the Internet, grew with more than 27% (from 22 million – 28 million in 2001).

Reuters stated further that 6.5% of male Internet users are compulsive Cybersex fans.

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Cybersex can be defined as those sexual acts that are derived from surfing electronic media sites that would titillate the sexual mind and that satisfies the erotic needs of an individual, who constantly watches explicit sexual sites.

These sites might be on Websites, Chat-rooms with Web cams, streaming video material, live sex shows and/or SMS messages.

As a result of the marital problems, their partners might develop their own addictions and compulsions, psychosomatic problems, depression or other emotional difficulties.

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