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The economic viability of producing coal and oil depends on many things and is quite irrelevant to the matter of experiments that have shown how quickly coal and oil can form (it does not need millions of years). However, there is one thing that I want to argue with you: the origin of agriculture.

But just would be qualified to write such an article?

Because of this, various specialists in different fields were asked to check areas where they had expertise.

The only comment that remotely resembles your first complaint is a response to a fact-free rant by a Paul C., from the USA, where Paul C.

made unsupported charges about the article being "an insult to real science".

Going through high school my science teacher tried telling me that we were once rats living in bushes! but where they got me was with how old the earth is. However, when an idea is entrenched to the point that nearly everyone accepts it without even a moment's thought that it might be entirely wrong, then you have little chance of getting any alternative proposal accepted, even a modest one.

Go ahead and form a company that includes in its charter a statement that money raised will be used to apply creatist principles to oil and gas exploration. As Dr Morris recounts, he attempted to do something similar to what you suggest.

It only speaks of ways in which DNA is damaged in living cells - (which fossils are clearly not).

In fact, it mentions an experiment in which DNA from a sample millions of years old was extracted successfully.

Additionally, I followed the link for the first claim, that the presence of DNA in 'ancient samples' refuted the samples' supposed age.

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