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My girlfriend and I have worked things out and learned a lot about one another.

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Being a true gentleman is the key to win a Russian girl over.

The main difference between Russian women and, for example, American is that they just want to depend on someone.

That way, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and get noticed by “In order for a Russian woman to consider you as a potential boyfriend, you have to be confident.

Russian women want to feel safe and secure and are seeking for a partner that is confident in himself.

Learn more about her interests and use your sense of humor talking about topics that she likes. If she is in trouble and you help her without even discussing it, you’ll immediately win her heart.

Of course, there are some particular features in dating Russian women, but you also need to remember some general rules of being a gentleman.

I am very happy to be a part of a Russian family, she truly is an amazing partner. Go to a store and pick out a nice pair of jeans, a few shirts to go with them and a jacket.

You don’t necessarily have to go to high-end stores, pick some clothing that is good quality and works together as an outfit.

Show her respect by opening a door for her or having her seated at a restaurant first. If you think she looks beautiful today, tell her that.

If she has a great sense of humor and you enjoy her company, let her know.

This rule may go to almost any woman, but Russian girls particularly appreciate men with a sense of humor.

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