Dating an fbi agent

At the end of the season, she leaves the team to return and run Interpol in London.

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However, it is later revealed that Emily is alive and Jennifer meets her at a cafe in Paris, where she provides her with three passports and bank accounts to start a new life in hiding.

She returns once again in the season six finale before returning as a full-time cast member again in season seven. Cook's real-life sons Mekhai Anderson and Phoenix Andersen.

She is in a relationship with fellow FBI employee Kevin Lynch.

When Jennifer Jareau leaves the BAU for a promotion to a position at the Pentagon, Garcia and Hotch take up her responsibilities as media liaison and retains this position when JJ returns to the BAU as a profiler.

This is a list of characters in the television series Criminal Minds, an American police procedural drama that premiered September 22, 2005, on CBS and that is also shown on A&E and Ion Television in the United States. In the end, Reid saw his father after a 20-year absence, and found out that the murders in his dreams were indeed based on a real murder case and that his baseball coach, his mother, and his father were involved in the case, some criminally (his baseball coach), and some not criminally (his parents).

Spencer Reid is a genius who graduated from Las Vegas High School at age 12. Reid, even though the others are introduced as agents, because SSA Jason Gideon understood that people would not otherwise take Spencer seriously because of his young age. This was due to a series of events that happened in Reid's childhood.

Penelope taught herself to hack after she dropped out of college and was grouped with the best hackers in the world.

After being caught by the FBI, she was given a choice of living in a high-security prison for the rest of her life or working for the BAU division of the FBI as an analyst.

Her story was revealed and it became known that Penelope's skills came from her own teachings to herself.

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