online dating mingle - Dating and mental health

Before you decide to meet, check out what they think about mental illness.

Whereas I was a chatty pisces needing to bear my soul every five minutes, my husband was not a talker.

He tended to shut down instead of facing issues head on.

At that point, I know that I’m interested in something more serious, but haven’t fully committed.

Take some time to ask yourself when you’d feel guilty for not disclosing.

But when looking for a serious romantic partner, those of us with a mental illness walk a tricky tightrope.

You have a right to privacy, but at a certain point your date deserves honesty. Here are five tips I’ve figured out in the murky world of dating. Do Your Research If you do online dating, some sites, like OKCupid and, allow you to see someone’s views on different issues.

The combination left him feeling nagged by my need to talk about our relationship, and me feeling neglected and devalued because he didn’t want to. If one person is constantly melting down, forcing the other to be strong and stable, it will probably never work. And check in often to make sure you are succeeding in those efforts.

Please know this: no relationship, regardless of mental illness, can ever survive without good communication. Building a successful relationship with someone with mental illness is not impossible.

Consider joining a group like Celebrate Recovery or find a compassionate listening program like Humble Warrior to get an outside perspective on your inside problems.

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