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I couldn’t eat dinner on both of these dates as I thought they would be judging me about how I eat (another of the joys of having an eating disorder).I couldn’t make eye contact and could barely speak.When all of these things came together, I ended up so socially anxious that life became impossible.

I was prepared to try and push through my anxiety and just do it.

So I went on two different dates with two different people.

Maneet Bhatia, a registered clinical psychologist based in Toronto, says it’s not just about social events — people with social anxiety even have a hard time communicating with their partner.“Even within the relationship there are interactions,” he tells Global News.

“They can be afraid of speaking up, being criticized or may think they are not interesting enough.”WATCH: Mindfulness and anxiety Bhatia adds they can also be passive when it comes to decision-making, and sometimes, feel like they can’t be the perfect partner.“They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be socially perfect individuals, but can be insecure.”Below, Bhatia shares tips on things couples can keep in mind when one partner is living with anxiety.

There wasn’t any anxiety began to completely consume my life and my brain, putting enormous strain on not only me but my boyfriend at the time, because the sudden changes in my personality and mood were so out of character we both had no idea what was happening.

I was also knee deep in my battle with anorexia again and this time bulimia had decided to join the party, so that was one part of it.

The first step, Bhatia says, is to have an open discussion with your partner on exactly what their social anxiety entails.

“Have an understanding of what your partner is suffering from, a lot of the time, people don’t have this understanding,” he says.

I knew I had no chance of seeing these people again and this was confirmed when they both said to me afterwards, individually and this is verbatim: “You’re amazing over the phone and on messages, but rubbish in person.”I don’t introduce myself to people by saying “Hi, I’m Erin and I struggle with debilitating anxiety, depression and anorexia,” so they didn’t know I had a mental illness. I now know I need to love myself before I can even think about loving someone else, and I am so happy at where I am in my life right now, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.

But what they said isn’t right anyway — it’s rude, judgmental and unwarranted. It’s hard to reach a certain age when you’re at a point when you should be seen to be conforming to what society says — either in a relationship, married or with kids. If it happens it happens, but I am not rushing around looking to settle because I don’t think conforming to how other people think you should be living your life is very fair. And who needs marriage and babies anyway when you can have a dog instead?

We had been conversing over emails and messages for a few weeks before I met them in person.

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