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I would come home from work and would just have to lie down, I even started taking naps in my office on my lunch hour.

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Putkoski saw her husband's blossoming TV career as a threat to their marriage. In a piece Busia wrote for Lena Dunham's newsletter, she claimed Bourdain liked to joke that he married Sophia Loren but ended up with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Busia took up MMA fighting after the birth of their daughter, and though Bourdain occasionally joined her, he didn't practice as competitively.

And she saw the whole thing as a cancer," he said in an interview. Chef Eric Ripert met Busia when she worked as a general manager at Geisha, a restaurant in New York City. I sat there, enraptured, watching her suck every bit of meat from it," he spilled to Cosmo.

Thoughts of my own funeral played over and over in my head. So simple, yet so perfect and suddenly I knew I would be okay.

I started chemo at the end of June and it was a tough slog to the say the least!

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, Putkoski was "an older girl [...] who ran with a druggie crowd." Bourdain started running with them, too. He thought she'd be a good match for Bourdain and set the two up. Soon after that, they got matching tattoos — chef's knives.

After he graduated, he followed her to Vassar for college, but dropped out after two years and headed to culinary school. The couple hit it off, despite their 22-year age difference. Bourdain traveled constantly, and Busia admitted to the Miami New Times that her biggest challenge was "my husband's insane schedule." She didn't want anything to do with TV, plus they had a young child, so most of Bourdain's adventures were solo ones.

I did not push myself and I accepted that some days were just too tough to get out of bed.

Dating with ariane mason started as just a bit of an ache got progressively worse and by March the back dating with ariane mason was starting to become unbearable. As the back pain got worse I started to feel extreme exhaustion.

Their interests diverged, and the pair split amicably in 2016.

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