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The capital of this state is Saint John's, which is located at the northwestern end of Antigua. The population census of 1991 estimated the population of Antigua and Barbuda to be 64,252.

Approximately 93 percent of this total are Afro-Antiguans and Barbudans, 0.2 percent are Portuguese, 0.6 percent are Middle Eastern, 1.7 percent are whites from Europe and North America, and 3.4 percent are mixed.

From this point on the labor movement could not be distinguished from the nationalist movement.

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These struggles, reinforced by those in other Caribbean territories, by the struggles in African countries, and by the opposition of the United States and Russia to European colonial policies, finally pushed the British to dismantle their empire.

The dismantling was executed via a process of constitutional decolonization that gradually transferred sovereignty to a set of elected leaders such as those of the ALP.

Good examples of these symbols are the national anthem, the flag, and the national Emergence of the Nation.

The emergence of Antigua and Barbuda as an independent nation was the result of the confluence of a number of international currents with the local struggles for decolonization.

Among themselves, there were divisions between British Antiguans and noncreolized Britons, with the latter coming out on top.

In short, this was a race/ethnic hierarchy that gave maximum recognition to Anglicized persons and cultural practices.

Within the colonial framework established by the British soon after their initial settlement of Antigua in 1623, five distinct and carefully ranked race/ethnic groups emerged.

At the top of this hierarchy were the British, who justified their hegemony with arguments of white supremacy and civilizing missions.

As one moves up the class hierarchy, there is a gradual shift from creole to English as the first language. The cultural symbols that embody the national identity of Antigua and Barbuda emerged out of the anticolonial struggles for political independence, which began in the 1930s.

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