Dating bradley hubbard lamps

A poly-chromed cast figure of an Indian warrior in front of a tree stump stands on a square slate base.

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The The base of this banquet lamp is cast in four sections and has four foliated and scrolled feet.

The spaces in between feet are filled with pierced scroll and leaf designs.

APPRAISER: Bradley & Hubbard started in 1852 in Meriden, Connecticut.

They were always known for high quality and artistic design. APPRAISER: Okay, let's take the shade off for a second here.

The company was eventually sold in 1940, so they had a long run in American history. And you had said also that you replaced this finial.

GUEST: I did replace the finial, found it in a little shop. APPRAISER: I would suggest you have somebody more professional do this.

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A "spider" shade holder is a patented folding type supporting a student shade.

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