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I need a change around the cultural narrative of the thirty-something women looking for love, and so I'm going to be my own example. My rose-tinted marriage glasses are nowhere to be found.

I will write this, my ' Would Like To Meet' column, every week: a savvy, heartfelt, optimistic and blisteringly honest account of searching for a partner.

I put in some seriously hard work into figuring out who I am, too. I know one thing to be true: the reason that I am single is because I am single. I'm hopeful but filthy, flirty but earnest, an independent woman aching to be part of a two.

I ended up abstaining from romance entirely for a bit, with a year-long vow of celibacy and brief stint in an Italian convent that taught me how to be self-sufficient and complete as a single girl without a bloke between her thighs. What I'm saying is: single, co-habiting, married, monogamous, polyamorous – at the heart of it, we all want to share our lives.

If we're going to truly lay all the cards on the table, I'm single, feminist, and searching for the father of my children. And why do I feel like I'm betraying single girls everywhere by admitting that I don't want to die alone? Raised on Carrie Bradshaw et al, I understood that the single girl's life is 'supposed' to be endless cocktails and casual sex with the hot barmen serving them, patriarchy be damned – the evolution of which means I can now sit at home and swipe on my phone for match after match to make sure the men (and me) keep coming.

The women who came before me worked too hard to give my generation choices beyond what a father or spouse decreed (thank god). Laura Jane Williams' Grazia Dating Column Is Uber Pooling The New Tinder?

Erin’s new book, The Consent Guidebook, published in February 2018, is an easy-to-follow guide that offers practical advice, from over 30 experts, for establishing boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others.

A combination of ‘Dear Abby’, ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ and ‘Hitch’, Erin has worked as an event coordinator for various singles’ events, speed dating companies, and matchmaking agencies and has built a large network of loyal LA-based clients and followers.

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,” a romantic comedy feature film coming out at the end of the summer, I thought it looked like a cute, funny, feel-good movie to watch with girlfriends.

For almost 10 years, she has helped singles successfully navigate through the early stages of dating through dating, empowerment, and consent workshops on college campuses and beyond, over 100 dating-related articles for various lifestyle and dating sites, radio and TV segments and through her podcast, The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show (voted one of the Top 10 Best Dating Podcasts on the Web in 2013 and listed as one of the Best Places for Dating Advice on Twitter).

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