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She also claims to enthusiastically support the rights of lawful gun owners in her state.These beliefs put her among a of self-identified “progressives” in red states who adopt populist positions on issues like health care, but take more moderate or conservative stances on issues like abortion and gun control.

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She says that she is personally “pro-life,” but supports a woman’s right to choose.

“I was raised by a Catholic and I’m very spiritual,” she says.

“I think there’s this task for Democrats in red states to essentially communicate to voters that the Democrats are the ones on the ‘helping people’ train — that we believe in expanding pre-K, making child care more affordable to families and having a path to Medicaid expansion — that’s where I think this could be a different type of year.”Should Jordan win her primary, she will likely face off against Republican Rep.

Raul Labrador, who of any member of the state’s congressional delegation.

An election face off between Jordan and Labrador would also be a significant step for a state with a history of harboring racist hate groups.

Idaho was once home to one of the country’s most infamous white supremacist movements, the a Native American family, shooting out the tires on their vehicle, running them off the road and threatening to kill them.

Even with her carefully moderated stances on issues like abortion and gun rights, Jordan is set to face an uphill battle running as a progressive in Idaho, a state which hasn’t elected a Democrat for governor since 1990, and which Trump won by more than 30 points in 2016.

But after Doug Jones’ historic win of Alabama’s senate seat, Democrats are newly emboldened to go after statewide elections in deeply red jurisdictions.

A 2014 ag-industry-backed law made it illegal for journalists and animal rights activists to film the working conditions and animal treatment in factory farms across the state, which advocates say hampers their ability to expose industry abuses.

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