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Suggerimento: Registrati al tuo account per evitare di ripetere l’operazione da tutti i tuoi dispositivi.Wherever you live Wherever I live I ran for a long time and again I ran for a long time Yeah i’ll be ridin and i’ll be dyin’ In ma city I don’t know what to say.

It seems that the girl group can also be referred to as 'G-I-DLE', or fully 'GIRL-I-DLE', as a play on their Korean name, which can literally translate to "(Female) Children".

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Oath ti fornirà anche annunci personalizzati sui prodotti dei nostri partner.

Vogliamo offrirti la migliore esperienza possibile sui nostri prodotti.

Proto nezodpovídáme za jejich kvalitu ani za porušování autorských práv - tuto zodpovědnost nese server na který odkazujeme.

Dating Script for registered users: Join an unlimited number of users on a dating site.Even if I die, I can’t say it Even if you give me a hundred thousand dollars to live somewhere else ah no thanks Ilsan is the place I want to be buried after I die It’s the city of the flower, city of Mon La Festa and the Western Dome that were like home The Hugok academy village that raised me in my youth, uh The most harmonious place in the world, uh The nature and the city, the buildings and the flowers, uh Me, who likes the Ilsan Lake Park more than the Han River Even if you’re small, you hold me so cozily When it seems like I’m going to forget myself In that place, I find my old self Remember your smell and everything else You’re my summer autumn winter every spring Hey, Busan’s sea Say la la la la la Under the blue sky, this sky line Say la la la la la Uncles, put your hands up Aunties, wave your hands around Come to my city Come to ma city I hope that you’ll watch over me well Know how to party The city that raised me That’s right, babe babe This is my city city Welcome to ma city I ran for a long time and again I ran for a long time Yeah i’ll be ridin and i’ll be dyin’ In ma city, city Ma city, ma city yeah I’m a South Jeolla Gwangju baby Even if my footsteps go to the mountains It always goes to the summit of Mt.Mudeung, everyday my life is hot, the heat of the south, There’s no such thing as giving up on the law of this fierce heat I put a KIA in gear and and turn it on, bounce like crazy With only dance, I had this dream of being a singer Now in reality, I do music and I jump on stage Everyone saw, right?Seleziona ‘Gestisci opzioni’ per le impostazioni sull’utilizzo dei dati e le opzioni di condivisione.Per impostazioni e informazioni aggiuntive, vai al Centro per la Privacy.Access to the author's section, where you can: add profile, delete profile, change personal details, add, edit, delete photos in profiles.

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