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This test setup confirmed what the owner reported – no output sound with the effect in or out.

We decided to trace the signal with an oscilloscope, but while moving the board around to get it ready, we heard a sudden “bleeep” sound through the amp.

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I've got an sd-1 i haven't tried using it as a boost (i also don't own a high gain amp anymore ), but i sort of prefer it to a tube screamer i like.

Five boss oddities and rarities though one might think that the omnipresent ds-1 was boss’ first compact pedal the ds-1, od-1, sd-1, ph-1, ph-1r, ce-2.

The silver label from the back of the pedal was missing, so the serial number could not be identified, but this appears to be what Analogman calls a “2nd version reissue” due to the “Maxon” imprint on the inside of the battery cover.

Opening the case we found the printed circuit board marked “Maxon KU” with a Toshiba TA75558P op amp chip.

But I admit that’s a quite unlikely scenario 🙂 TS-9 Tube Screamer: this one appeared around 1982-83, when Ibanez introduced the ”9” series with a completely redesigned exterior.

The main differences from the 808 were a few resistors in the output section (presumably to make the pedal mate better with transistor amps), different pots (design, not value) and op-amp.There were previous Ibanez pedals labeled ”overdrive”, but the TS-808 was the first time we saw this particular circuit.And it’s also the first one to bear the ”Tube Screamer” name, so that’s where we start.A small number of TS-9s had the JRC4558D, but most were shipped with either the JRC2043DD or the TA75558P. TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic: This one took a while.Original TS-9s are starting to get real expensive as well, but here in Sweden you can still find them at about the same price as a new reissue unit. The ”Master Series” which replaced the ”9” series in 1985, didn’t actually have a Tube Screamer.Some more testing with the pedal showed it now to be working properly.

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