Dating in the wings with a woman sidekick Free instant message adult chat

(The hosts) could be talking about A and B, and the third person starts talking about C and D.

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Jenny Law, 28, is the co-host with Kevin Kline and Tim Tuttle of KKBQ's radio show, which airs 5-10 a.m. "In certain shows the third person sometimes just doesn't get it.

They talk out of turn, they don't mesh with the other people.

Having more people on the show led to broader ideas and, consequently, a broader audience and higher ad rates.

"My assumption has always been that it's the Howard Stern influence," said Mark Tremayne, assistant professor of broadcasting at the University of Texas at Austin.

"If you survey fans or listeners at a certain station, you'll find that they really identify with that third person." Lander worked at Houston's KKBQ (92.9 FM) from 1982 to 1990, when he and his co-hosts added people to their morning show and tried different concepts.

"Certain personalities need to be surrounded," he said.

She said she considers herself "the diva" of the show, but not a high-strung, controlling diva.

She wants everyone to think she's the voice of reason amid chaos. "I'm the homegirl that's cool but will tell you what's on my mind.

Someone else may be good at doing great character voices." Radio consolidation has led companies to constantly seek broader audiences, which is why we sometimes see dramatic format and programming changes. Also, many stations and companies realize their audiences are no longer predominantly male. That female voice has to be in there." The sidekick role is complicated: They balance their own ego and aspirations with those of the show's hosts. "The sidekick usually has aspirations not to be a sidekick," Justiz said.

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