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Thus, fixed reinforcement leads to reasonable behavior, because the rules are clear.

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Vasopressin and testosterone are fundamental hormonal currencies in hetero-erogenous mating and quasi-mating scenarios. At the most, it is self-protective and provides an avenue for men to express this heightened aggression. Variable reinforcement, which gives somewhat random rewards to specific behaviors, triggers addiction.

Fixed reinforcement means if you do X you get Y, and thus do 2X and get 2Y.

Men systematically discriminate against women in the workplace, the courts, the home, medicine, marketing tactics, education and the church. This is understandable (although not acceptable) in homo-erogenous men, but not men who supposedly like women.

That is why when most men tell me they like women I interpret it as they like to be on top.

What I have always found curious about *hetero-erogenous men is how terribly they treat women.

(*Heterosexual, though commonly misused, describes a specific act not a person; hetero-erogenous is the scientifically correct term.) Think about it.

As I said in the companion post to this piece, compulsive overeaters do not have a problem with food, they have a problem with living.

No arena illuminates this better than male-female relationships.

The higher the testosterone, the more important it becomes to win, gain power and defend territory through demonstrative strength, and the less important quality social relationships become.

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