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Understanding how to restore confidence when it dips is an essential skill, and it depends on three core components: attitude, knowledge and experience.

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Adopting the powerful principle of “as if” and tending to our wounds helps us develop the attitude necessary for authentic confidence.

Reframing our failures as growth opportunities allows us to expand the knowledge that underpins confidence.

That’s what this article is about: How to restore your confidence when it takes a hit — in an authentic, meaningful, and lasting way.

As with most cliches, “Fake it till you make it” has an inkling of truth to it.

If you’re working hard and taking chances in life, here’s an uncomfortable truth: You will fail from time to time, and certainly more than the average person.

The cost of confronting your limitations, of course, is your sense of confidence, the one quality we need to succeed and risk losing when we fail.

If your confidence has taken a hit, don’t expect the recovery to be instantaneous.

A professional, personal, or creative setback will take time to properly process.

), but we do need to acknowledge them in order to move forward.

Remember, vulnerability is the most profound form of strength.

My boyfriend in the first year in university said he needs focus on God, Academics and himself.

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