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You like Maria because it is interesting and pleasant to spend time with her, and you like Kayla thanks to amazing sex and her ability to cook deliciously.It is not the true love but an attempt to make an ideal partner from two imperfect variants.

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These books will make it clear how to continue living, and what, properly speaking, to do.

In addition, you are not alone in this world, so you can find your fellow sufferers (although who said that this is bad?

It is impossible to “love” equally, there are too many nuances.

Most likely, people will never be able to study the nature of love since too much depends on the man himself, his perception, behavior, upbringing. Different people have different ideas about what “to love” means as well as there are different criteria by which family happiness is determined.

If you are a monogamous male by nature who loves your woman sincerely and suddenly falls in love with another amazing woman, then you need to make serious decisions.

You might be created for a more open sexual way of life and guys who date multiple women are not so weird.You don’t need to be afraid of that, there is nothing to worry about.To cope with your feelings, read smart books for polyamorous people, for example, the cult book "Opening Up: Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships " by Tristan Taormino and "More than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory" by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert.The fact that you used to be prone to monogamy is a consequence of upbringing and low self-esteem.Sometimes it takes some people 30 years to find out about themselves.These thoughts push you to sin and interfere with the normal work.

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